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CA Star Testing

The Stanford Test, the standardized STAR exam for California students, remains a prominent part of each student and school’s future. In fact, the Stanford Test today is more important than ever – as the results can impact a student's ability to advance to the next grade, a teacher's standing, or a school's funding.

Practice Tests

Over the last decade, many states have developed their own unique standardized tests to measure student performance. California has developed one of the most rigorous tests, incorporating a variety of components into the California STAR Test.

The Importance of the California Test

The California Standardized Testing and Reporting Program, also known as California STAR testing, was created to assess student knowledge relative to their peers, as well as to help schools improve academic achievement.

STAR incorporates a number of testing components, including the following: California Standards Test (CSTs); California Achievement Tests (CAT); California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA); California Modified Assessment (CMA); Standards-based Tests in Spanish (STS); and Aprenda: La prueba de logros en espanol.

The California Achievement Test, known as the CAT, has been in use for many years across the country. The components tested depend on a student's grade level and circumstances, but the CSTs, CAT and STS are the main components. California uses components such as the STS and Aprenda due to the large population of Spanish speaking students.

Bright Education California Test Preparation

Our practice exams for the California Test covers the same topics embodied by the actual test, including Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, History and Social Science. The specific subject matter is dependent on the grade of the students being tested, with the reading test playing a prominent role in almost all grade levels.

Our STAR practice tests mimic the California Test’s experience, with all questions posed in multiple choice formats, with the exception of the writing portions. Our tests provide student with sample questions, as well as in depth review of topics covered on the STAR test.

Once they take the sample California Test, we will provide a score comparing their performance to other students who have taken the test, creating a report analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and problem areas.

Students who take our practice Stanford Tests gain confidence, knowledge and practical test taking skills. For example, while many students struggle with the reading tests, your child or student can feel confident once they have practiced with our California Tests. Our STAR test preparation materials have been created and certified by education professionals to ensure an exciting and entertaining learning experience, as well as the best possible STAR test results. We teach the actual subject matter covered by the CA STAR test to give your students the chance to take a practice test in a non-pressured situation.

Practice Tests



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